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We pride ourselves in only the highest quality Drum lessons taught by industry professionals. One on one, structured and consistent lessons that help you focus on your instrument, and learn how to conquer your dream of becoming a rock star. We teach you how to read drum music, enabling you to play anything that is put in front of you.

We focus on: reading drum sheet music, rudiments, technique, charts, beats and solos. So basically, we cover everything you need in order to become a kick ass drummer!

If you can’t come to us, then we will come to you! Not only do you get to learn an awesome instrument, you get to do it while comfy in your own home.*

Moms, don’t worry about trying to schedule the extra murals between all 7 kids, now you have one less thing to worry about!

Adults, go home after a long day at work and don’t worry about fighting traffic to get to a lesson.

We have an experienced drum teacher dedicated to different areas in JHB, who will arrive at your home*, and teach you to become a world class drummer.

Drum lessons are either taught from a studio in Waverly JHB, Rosebank, OR your home.

Come on…….book your lesson NOW!


*Subject to availability in your area.

One on One

45 minute lessons one on one with your teacher. Technical drum lessons learning how to rock out!

Jam Sessions

You play drums and the teacher plays an instrument, and you JAM!


Minimum of 4 people – Everyone plays together, and musical magic happens!