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Rikki started playing drums in 1998 , which makes it 22 years of drumming experience!

Rikki co-founded ‘Chix with Stix’. An all-girl percussion trio that performed together for 9 years in the industry.

She has played drums and recorded for many prestigious bands, and toured the country with some of the top musicians in SA.

Including:  Chix with Stix, IcarusFall, Evolver One, Saving Insanity, Splinter Town, etc

1999 – 2003:       7th subject in high school.

2003:                     Qualified with an N3 matric certificate in drums

2004:                     Qualified with an N4 through Campus of                                             Performing Arts with:

                              Music Harmony, Music Theory, Drums                                                Practical, Improvisation, Music Performance,                                    Sound Engineering, Electronic Music, Keyboard                                Technique, Music Business

Rikki has developed her own drum syllabus for teachers to use, that can be taught from beginner all the way to advanced.

She is also releasing a “teach yourself” version of the syllabus soon, so that people who can’t commit to lessons, can still learn  the instrument themselves!

She officially opened ‘Beat That Drum School’ in 2007 where her drum syllabus is used to teach the students. 

2007 – Present: Beat That Drum School

2013 – Present: Drum Teacher at Kingsmead College

Rikki is available for recording or live session work. She is able to read drum music, and works very well with a metronome. These two abilities make Rikki a solid drummer.